Beauregarde with "The Claw" (Tom Andrews)
The Claw's finishing move was the "Claw Hold"
(his massive hand would squeeze his opponents brain into jelly)

On Easter Eve 1970 Beauregarde and
his tag team partner "The Claw"
delivered a TV interview that would
enrage so many viewers that Portland
city officials threatened KPTV they would
immediately cancel Portland Wrestling if
Beauregarde didn't make a live public apology.

During this interview Beau snarled,
"All you kids out in TV land are not going to have
any candy or Easter eggs tomorrow.

I told the Claw to hide in the bushes tonight
and wait for the Easter Bunny to come by.

and when he does, I told Claw to jump out
and give bunny the claw hold
and squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze".

Laughing hysterically Beau says,
"And then I told Claw; Not to let go".

No more Easter eggs,
no more candy,
no more Bunny!.

When asked how he was able to keep
the illusion of the badass and make
a public apology at the same time Beau said:

I just sarcastically kept repeating,
Oh I'm so so sorry,
I'm so very very sorry,
you know me, I'm a nice guy, ha ha ha ha,
I'm really really sorry".